Acerbis Marino, with over one hundred years of experience, is today a matchless company that guarantees a product of quality. It offers a dialogue between craftsman tradition and modern automation, creating timeless works of art. Acerbis Marino products are, in fact, the perfect synthesis of conservation and the accuracy of the oldest artisan arts and the constant search for detail, which is sought using recent technological innovations. Careful technical and qualitative analysis are carried out within the Company and the most suitable production systems are chosen depending on the selection of materials and how these materials will be used. Acerbis Marino draws from a vast field of knowledge, allowing it to obtain unique solutions, a compromise between solidity and lightness.

The manual works define the details and give life to prestigious finishings including inlays, carvings, pilaster strips and frames. The technological contribution allows producing modern structures that are stable and precise. In order to guarantee reliability and excellence, Acerbis Marino Artisans and technicians, before the final assembly check, carry out quality controls at every production step. Style and technical details are treated as fundamental elements of the product, contributing to creating unique settings. They define the style and elegance of all pieces of furniture carrying the Acerbis Marino name. They are works of great craftsmanship, which continuously distinguish and renew themselves.