No individual is equal to another; no piece of furniture is identical to another. In a world where everything tends towards standardization, the Acerbis Marino client is a demanding consumer, careful and never trivial, who refuses standardized products, preferring instead the refinement of an exclusive product, that is matchless and of excellent quality, Tailor made for the Client’s needs. From Acerbis Marino it is not possible to find anything that has been already packaged or readapted because the company is specialized in producing unique and customized solutions that are thought of and developed by professionals with a passion, considering always new spaces, functions, needs and aesthetic preferences.

Guaranteed by a century-old all-Italian quality, the Acerbis Marino pieces of furniture are, still today, unique and matchless elements, real works of art that contribute to forming the spirit of the places that host them, with a variety of styles compatible with any aesthetic preference, from the elegant classical to the minimalist chic, with a refinement in execution and a precision for detail that capture the attention of who observes them.
Owning a Tailor made Acerbis Marino piece of furniture has become over the years a symbol of knowing how to choose and a reason of pride for a clientele that is ever more devoted.