Acerbis Marino, whose roots go back a long tradition, like few other artisan workshops in Italy, still today maintains in function an internal painting department that is completely dedicated to the constant harmonic perfection between the nature of prestigious essences and their relative coloring. A know-how guarded within the company and that is used on a daily basis for customized tests according on the Client’s most diverse needs, studied to maximize the performance depending on the use of the materials and their position, whether they are pieces of furniture for internal or external settings, for public or private spaces. Living in a sound environment also means living where paints that are non-toxic paints for a person’s health were applied. This is why Acerbis Marino only uses paints that have a quality system


certification, coming from Italian industries that are evolved and competitive, famous at a global level for their constant qualitative search and for their use of nanotechnologies; the suppliers of Acerbis Marino, therefore, have undergone a strict selection process and they have products that follow environmental management systems conforming to regulations that guarantee a correct management of all activities with low-environmental impact. Acerbis Marino still today chooses to apply traditional manual treatments that are 100% natural including natural wax veneer and spray paints. Also in this department Acerbis Marino proves to guarantee absolute quality, fully respecting classical techniques and the environment.