Acerbis Marino, going against the trend of the big multinational corporations, gives value to a personal and functional network of relationships with the best professionals specialized in quality production, guaranteeing to safeguard an ancient tradition united with dynamism that makes it capable of adapting to the constant and sudden changes required by modernity.
Gianni Acerbis maintains with each artisan a consolidated relationship of reciprocal trust and respect that in years of shared experience has brought to excellent results in a serene working environment. Together with his daughter Lodovica he works, therefore, with lathe turners, assemblers, steel-makers, glassmakers, marble cutters, upholsterers that are carefully chosen, with whom he confronts himself every day to give life to excellent

productions that coexist between old and new productive systems. The specialized carpenters who work in Acerbis Marino are not just simple workers, but artisans with deep-rooted knowledge of an ancient craft that for over four generations has been passed down within the company that this way maintains a century-old know-how.
Where the machinery cannot replace the experience, the care for detail and the knowledge of expert carpenters make Acerbis Marino a production reality that has no equals.
Within Acerbis Marino, each collaborator is an important element for the company because everything is molded by the talent and by the passions in a perfect harmony between creative flair and methodological rigor.