Acerbis Marino, with deep roots in the cabinetmaking field, attributes, even today, a great deal of value to the search for the most prestigious types of wood from all over the world, while respecting international environmental regulations. The company, a fruit of a tradition tied to carpentry, knows how to select with care the most prestigious part of the trunk and knows how to treat it in order to vitalize the strong-points of each type of wood, respecting this way its intrinsic nature. This guarantees the best quality of materials in terms of reliability, durability and aesthetics as well as ecological compatibility.  In addition to the core business that remains that of woodworking, over time

Acerbis Marino has broadened its skills to all the other more prestigious materials that can be useful to supply turnkey products. The company therefore brings its experience in the choice of marble, crystals, ceramics, metal and brass complements, steel, Plexiglas, plastic materials, fiber glass-reinforced plastic, textile, leather and stuccos, traditional materials that are universally recognized for their intrinsic quality but also rich in innovative contents in order to satisfy unique operating performances and it extends its search for artistic decorations, illuminating bodies and home appliances, which become aesthetic as well as functional elements. A search that is not only constant, but also customized and therefore each time aimed at fully satisfying the Client.